Whether you are selling your real estate property for the first time or you have done it several times, it is vital for you to know what to do before you place it in the market. Some people think that selling a home is an easy task and fail to take necessary precautions. The activity can be stressful and can cause anxiety. However, there are many ways that a seller can use to ensure that they are prepared and make appropriate decisions. In this article, you will learn about the top five things that you need to do before you sell your home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Research your Local Real Estate Market

Find out how much your house is worth. Contact some of the best performing realtors® in the area as they may have records of sales and hence help you to determine the appropriate price when listing your real estate property. The square footage and location are some of the features used when evaluating the cost of the property. For example, if one of your neighbors sold their home at $200,000 and their house was smaller than yours, then you can list yours at a higher amount. You will find realtors® in Charleston can help you determine the appropriate listing price. 

Find a Reputable Listing Agent 

It is a good idea for individuals to contact professional real estate agents in Charleston to help in listing your property. You can get recommendations from friends or on an online platform. Ensure that your agent of choice has some experience in the area that your property is located, and has connections to potential buyers, and has a good social media platform. The agent should have a concrete plan for selling your home. 

Pre-listing Inspection 

You will need to hire a professional inspector before putting your home in the market. Make sure that the relevant bodies accredit the inspector. Take note of the issues that the inspector has highlighted in his report. For example, the expert should inspect chimneys, septic, and well water. 

Seek Professional Photography Services 

Statistics in the real estate sector in the U.S. have shown that most buyers search for homes on online platforms. Therefore, ensure that only high-quality photos are uploaded when your property is being listed. A buyer is likely to overlook your home if the images are not of high resolution. Your real estate agent can help you to find professional photographers who can take quality pictures of your home. 

Clean your Home and Paint the Walls 

The first impression when buyers are visiting your house is crucial to closing a deal. Avoid things such as foul smell, dirty floors, and dusty walls. Make sure that you have cleaned all the sections of your home including the toilets, floors, and bathrooms. You can seek professional cleaning services to carry out the exercise. It is recommended to use neutral colors to paint the walls of your house before it is listed.

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