You've probably seen people creating charcuterie boards on the internet. It contains impressive spreads of crackers, cheese, fruit, and meat, all of which look and taste good.

While you can prepare the charcuterie at home, it cannot beat the one you get from your favorite local spot. Most restaurants in Charleston uniquely make the boards with fresh and fine ingredients. So, if you are looking for great charcuterie in Charleston, you'll find it in the following places.

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Uncork Charleston
Bar & Restaurant $$
476 King Street, Charleston SC, 29403
Uncork Charleston is a popular wine bar, so you can already tell you'll find charcuterie on board. They have a visually appealing charcuterie palate that's a must-have when here. You can get fruits, dried fruits, locally baked bread, pickled vegetables, meats, cheese, in-house-made sauces, fresh herbs, and more.
Uncork serves the charcuterie on both small and big plates; therefore, it's a perfect spot for groups and solo dates. Further, the wine selections at Uncork are top-tier, with over 40 wines available for self-service through dispensers.
Bistro A Vin
Bar $$
40 Archdale Street, Charleston SC, 29401
You can also get your favorite charcuterie board from Bistro A Vin. It has great meat and cheese selections alongside fresh dips and fruits displayed beautifully. They have an extensive wine list and great cocktails that pair well with the charcuterie, so order your favorite too!
Herd Provisions
Restaurant $$
106 Grove Street, Charleston SC, 29403
Herd Provisions serves farm-to-table charcuterie with a unique variety of spreads on it. They'll creatively craft this board with cheeses and meats of your choice to give you an incredible experience. There are also several drinks on the menu that complements the charcuterie well.
Bar & Restaurant
547 King St, Charleston SC, 29403
Visit prohibition to experience their delectable and unique charcuterie board. You can go with several selections on the menu containing fantastic ingredients. Their in-house-made dips and sauces are amazing and taste so well with the charcuterie.
Prohibition can be a perfect spot for brunch with your loved ones. You can order either small or big charcuterie depending on the number of people, but one thing is for sure, you'll love it!
Bin 152
152 King St, Charleston SC, 29401
Welcome to the best wine bar in Charleston to enjoy a finger-licking good charcuterie board. They serve generous amounts of meat and cheese on their board which is perfect for the price you pay.
The staff here will help you build your charcuterie board with your love ingredients. Make sure you get a bottle of wine to go with this board; you'll enjoy it!